Is it possible to park for less than two hours?

You cannot book a parking space for less than two hours (3 hours up to the 31st od December 2007). The on-line system does not authorize the booking if you do not select at least the minimum hours allowed. If you decide not to book using the BusPass system the minimum stay rate applies regardless of whether you park for the full time.

What are the current prices for parking coaches in Amalfi?

Current prices for parking a coach in Piazza Flavio Gioia (Amalfi center) are: From 4th June 2013
From 9.00am to 12.00am
Bus lenght With booking Without booking
Up to 8mt. € 60.00/2h € 75.00/2h
Between 8mt. and 10,36mt. € 90.00/2h € 140.00/2h
Longer than 10.36mt. € 120,00/2h € 150,00/2h
From 12.00am to 15.00
Bus lenght With booking Without booking
Up to 8mt. € 50.00/2h € 60.00/2h
Between 8mt. and 10.36mt. € 60.00/2h € 70.00/2h
Longer than 10.36mt. € 80.00/2h € 90.00/2h
From 15.00 to 22.00
Bus lenght With booking Without booking
Up to 8mt. € 50.00/2h € 75.00/2h
Between 8mt. and 10.36mt. € 60.00/2h € 140.00/2h
Longer than 10.36mt. € 80.00/2h € 150.00/2h
Night rate from 22.00 to 9.00am
Bus lenght With booking Without booking
Any lenght € 100.00 € 100.00


What procedure do I have to follow if I decide to pay through the bank?

You must: 1. Pay the amount due by bankers draft to: Servizio Tesoreria Comune di Amalfi – MPS agenzia di Amalfi IT 86V 01030 76030 000000444241 Writing as reason for the payment: "BusPass, codice utente n.[and your user ID]" which was given when you subscribed. 2. Send a fax to the following number +39 089 8736218 with a copy of the bankers draft, indicating your company's name, your user ID and, if you already know it, the first date you are going to book. It is very important that you indicate your user ID in order for us to give you credit without delay. 3. Wait for the e-mail which confirms your payment. From the moment you receive the e-mail it is possible to book coach spaces until your credit runs out. When you pay by bankers draft you will only be able to book spaces fifteen days after having made the payment. When your payment has been confirmed you are free to book immediately.iIe. if you asked for a bankers draft on the 02/04/03 you can only book for spaces after the 18/04/03. You will receive an e-mail when we confirm your payment, after which you can book without restrictions.